Assignment 4: Part 2

To support my written content, I chose a channel called ‘How It Should Have Ended’ on YouTube. Using their personal or public views and concerns about any particular movie, this channel uses animated characters and modified dialogues to depict an ending of a movie. Through modification of a particular scene, alternative endings are provided in a humorous and sarcastic manner.

1. Tangled:
Although the scene chosen to re-create an end for Tangled does not actually happen at the end of the movie. The clip criticizes Rapunzel’s hair. This scene is where Flynn takes Rapunzel to show her the lights. Rapunzel is very excited because she is out of the tower after a very long time. However, this scene might be chosen to depict the end because it is her hair that create a lot of troubles in the movie leading Flynn to cut her hair off at the end of the original movie. It is sarcastically shown here that if Flynn was just to escape and go away from Rapunzel’s life, he perhaps, would not get into much trouble by showing her the lights in order to obtain the tiara.

2. Oblivion:
The movie, Oblivion revolves around the concept of clones and completing a mission issued by ‘Sally’. The movie itself is reviewed confusing by many people. The clip here is criticized in a humorous way as there were about 50 clones of Jack in the movie but one of the questions left unanswered in Oblivion is that what happened to the other clones of Jack? It is due to this reason that the creator of the clip decided to highlight the point about missing clones. By bringing all of Jack’s clones at the end is a way to account for the confusion and thus clarify the ending that they all come together at the end. In the movie, Victoria was shown jealous of Julia and it could be due to this reason that they also show many ‘angry’ Victorias at the end.

3. Frozen:
This is a clip taken from ‘Frozen’. The movie is based on two sisters and their faith in each other. This clip is from the beginning part of the movie when Anna gets hurt and it is suggested to her parents that only an act of true love can be a solution to Elsa’s growing powers. The point of the clip becomes to criticize parenthood in a way. The king and the queen seek solution of Elsa’s powers by not allowing her to make contact with Anna or come out of her room which isolates her from everything happening around her. It is due to this separation that Anna and Elsa have trouble understanding each other later in the movie. The character of Professor Xavier from X-Men is integrated into the ending as well. It is shown at the end that Elsa and Olaf are happy along with other gifted youngsters in a separate school for individuals with skills and power. The school is operated by Professor Xavier. The point of integrating X-men with Frozen is to demonstrate that instead of isolating Elsa it would have been better to help the problem by searching for alternatives.

4. Titanic:
This clip highlights multiple scenes from the movie. Firstly, one of the famous scenes of Titanic is the ‘I’m Flying!” scene where Rose and Jack share a romantic moment together and therefore, not being able to see the iceberg because of two people standing on the deck is an exaggeration to impart humor to the clip. Also, Jack is shown to question Rose as to why she came from rescue boat back to him. She obviously did that to express her love and did not want to leave him. However, this clip incorporates a theory that if Rose did not come back, it might have saved Jack’s life since he then wouldn’t worry about saving Rose. Thirdly, in the end where real Rose is being asked about the Titanic story and she goes to throw the necklace in water. It is illustrated in a funny way that the people interviewing Rose were only interested in the necklace and not so much in the story itself. Also, at the very end of the clip, Jack is shown to be asking for either sharing the raft or having life saving jacket but Rose gives neither of those to him. This notion also supports a theory that if they both took turns on raft, it might have resulted in both being saved. Rose is shown selfish, in the clip, as if she did not care about Jack, which is obviously to infuse an element of humor to the ending.

5. Twilight:
This clip is taken from Twilight, first part of Twilight Saga. The scene shown here can be considered as a critical scene because Isabella was bitten by James and she could have been transformed into a vampire, if Edward did not suck the vampire venom out of her blood. Given that, Twilight sequels would have been different as Bella would already be a vampire. Also, the clip highlights, sarcastically, the length of time taken by Edward to make a choice and decide how to treat Isabella. As Edward is already a vampire, he wanted to stay away from sucking Isabella’s blood. By the time Edward decides to not let her become a vampire she is already transformed into one. The main reason of showing Isabella to transform into a vampire at the end is to demonstrate that it would have been less painful for her to be transformed this way than the way she actually does in the original movie. Also, in the original scene, Isabella is not asked about her opinion and this is criticized in this clip when Edward tells her to be quiet as she is injured leading him to make a choice for her. Altogether, this clip shows Isabella’s transformation which would have made other sequels much simpler and less complexed.

6. Breaking Dawn Part 2:
Breaking Dawn 2 is the last part of Twilight Saga. Firstly, this clip highlights Jacob imprinting on Renesmee, child of Isabella and Edward. The fact that Jacob imprinted on baby Renesmee meaning he fell in love with her is viewed as a very unusual part in the movie since Jacob is significantly older than Renesmee. Secondly, the comment, “You two just had to have a baby” demonstrates that Renesmee is the cause of battle. Also, since Alice can see the future, she tells the outcome of the battle to Aro and his team. In the original movie, they back off and there is no fight. However, this clip shows another possible end that could have happened if Aro was to know everything to watch out for and therefore winning the battle, killing Cullen’s and the wolfs.


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