Assignment 2: Part 2: Reconstruction of a Meme


The meme shown above is reconstructed below. The meme created discusses the idea of people who are irregular at watching TV shows/serials and when they start watching them randomly or in their spare time, it leads to them watching six or so seasons at once. This meme can also be described as a function of procrastination where once you start watching a TV show, it takes a lot of time that could have been constructively used in some other task, contributing to wastage of time.

My audience is anybody who has experienced such situation where they ended up watching almost all seasons in one night/day after being referred by a friend/relative or through random browsing. I have created this meme from my own personal experience and I am certainly not the only one who can relate to this issue. Therefore, my audience is comprised of people who do not watch and follow TV serials that often and watch all episodes at one time or people who know some other friend/relative who has come across similar situation. Also, another factor important to consider and may be a characteristic of target audience is the availability of internet and having their own laptop/iPad so that they can watch TV shows at their own convenience.

Interpretation of this meme does not require any specialized knowledge. It is a straightforward, easy to understand and relatable meme if someone has ever found themselves or someone else in similar circumstance.
Element of intertextuality is portrayed in this meme. There is a relationship between the top and bottom texts. “I don’t always watch TV shows” sounds incomplete as it relates to the message behind the meme. However, when read with the bottom text, “But when I do, its six seasons in one night” imparts full meaning to the meme. Indexacality is not present in this specific meme and all memes generated using this theme/template because there is no ‘second’ image that can be added to the existing graphic to add appropriate emotion and meaning to the meme. As described in the first part of the assignment, disaster girl is considered to be an element of indexicality because her image, when added to a picture of disaster of some sort, adds an emotion of evilness to it. However, this meme does not contain any image like that other than the graphic that it contains as a part of its template.

As described, this meme is based on a template readily available and seen all the time on social media sites. The template includes a graphic of an American actor Jonathan Goldsmith (1) along with a top text beginning from, “I don’t always….” and the bottom text starting off as, “But when I do…”. The lines written in top and the bottom of the frame were adopted from Goldsmith’s words during a beer commercial where he portrayed a character in a series called “The Most Interesting Man in the World”(1). One may add any scenario that may be exhibited using this particular template. My meme connects to the other memes because of the identical template containing same image and starting texts. It differs from other memes because of another concept that is depicted here. Other memes may address different funny social and personal related common scenarios. Two examples are shown below.  (Pictures retrieved from:












In order to create my meme, I used a website called Meme Generator ( The website is very easy to navigate and has an option of creating memes on left side of the webpage by choosing an option that reads “Generate an image”. Afterwards, one is prompted to use an existing character or create another character of their choice. I used an already existing character because I had an idea of the topic I wanted to address and the chosen character called “The Most Interesting Man In the World” depicted my topic the best. Then, I added both the top and bottom texts to complete my meme, chose a language and my meme was published. To finish off the process, I downloaded my meme. The overall process was simple leading me to create my first meme.

1. Vlad_Ulrik. “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. Know Your Meme. 2010.


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