Assignment 1: Storify

        Compared to others, 2006 may sound too late for somebody to be on the internet but this was early for me before coming to Canada. Among our relatives and friends, our family was the first to buy a computer in my country. I wanted to be on the internet all the time because I was very excited and played a lot of video games with my brother. In the beginning, my perception of the internet was that it was something to be used during homework breaks and when mother allowed it. It all started with games then slowly interest shifted towards Google/Yahoo and using Microsoft word for Word Art and making collages for fun.

        After coming to Canada, internet consumption took a multidimensional approach. We had two computers now. One laptop for all and one desktop which was very slow in action. Since everybody was sharing one laptop it was all about turns. Creating a new e-mail account, getting new friends’ emails, MSN I.D’s and Facebook include activities that occurred in addition to playing games specifically the Facebook ones. After coming back from school I would spend significant amount of time on MSN and playing Facebook games such as Farmville, Bejeweled Blitz, Petville, to name a few. I got my own laptop shortly before entering university and got involved with more social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

        In university, extensive amounts of academics started happening online like professors posting notes on Sakai, e-mailing using Brock account and making assignments online. Internet was mainly left for completing homework, projects, participating in forums on Sakai. Similar story applies to the present day where I consume internet in very equal proportions: not only for connecting with friends/family but also for academics and keeping up-to-date with ongoing global trends.

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